Extremely limited artisan wines – The Californian Vintager


Cabernet Sauvignon
Red Wine 2008 Napa Valley, CALIF
This GSM* blend is as close to heaven-on-earth as one could hope to get.
Concentrated chocolate and seductive spices are wrapped in velvety blackberries.
A wonderfully versatile full body wine and an amazing achievement in artisan winemaking. A perfect wine in its perfect drinking period.
*For the specific blend, please visit www.vintagerwines.com

Vintager Bottle 06 PetiteSirah

Petite Sirah

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California’s best wines are handcrafted by dedicated winemakers in small quantities, often only a few barrels each vintage. Sometimes, these artisanal wines are set aside, and become lost, forgotten, or stored deep in cellars throughout Napa, Sonoma, and Monterey. Master Winemaker, Sam Jennings, seeks out these hidden caches wherever they exist, selecting only the most drinkable, most unique, highest-quality products for bottling under his own moniker as The Vintager.

The Vintager meticulously seeks out small-batch, boutique wines, lost deep in California’s wine cellars. Upon discovery of such hidden gems, these fine wines are released in extremely limited qualities.

Rustic, bold, and distinctive, The Vintager wines embody the rare joy of an exceptional product, barrel aged, and crafted by hand.